Friday, December 08, 2006

Bond Returns along with Meddling Methodist

Greetings gentle readers, those who have continued glancing at this blog only to find that nothing has been updated in over a month. And this following a promise for more prolific blogging. Perhaps I'll shove that to the New Year (resolutions are always kept, right? Just like my four-year promise to get back into running).

Anyway, last night my wife and I enjoyed the new and improved James Bond soon-to-be-classic Casino Royale. Having devoted large chunks of my life to watching Bond (including many a bad one in the latter years, the latter years being, oh, 1986 on), I was exciting at the prospect of Daniel Craig as the new 007. Now I wouldn't consider myself a fanatic, but more of a traditionalist in the sense that the recent years' reliance on gadgetry and over-the-top stunts without the sense of humor really didn't appeal to my own inner-Bondness. I suppose I wanted a character-driven Bond in the Connery mold, along with a Goldfinger like villian. Well, one out of two ain't bad, and the one that mattered for this film, Bond, was very good.

As a coming out party/series re-boot, CR delivered the goods. Craig as Bond is a bit rough around the edges, still learning the ropes, taking risks beyond his capabilities. And that is a good thing. The plot, of course, is ridiculous, involving high stakes poker and unbelievable hands (why can't movies ever show the guy winning with just a pair of threes?), as well as a somewhat dull terrorist-financier who weeps blood, but that isn't the point. The point is an intro to the New Bond, and I for one am excited about the prospects. And when Craig as Bond delivers his signature intro, the transformation is complete

One final note. I recognize that these films stretch the boundaries of believabilty, but this one had the most unbelievable moment I have ever encountered. In the Bahamas, the suave and sophisticated MI6 agent opts for a Ford Sedan. My wife and I could only laugh at the peposterousness of it all.