Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reason # 152 We'll be Moving Back: That's Are-Can-Sussss

Did you know how to pronounce The Arkansas River? In the 49 states other than Kansas it is pronounced just like President Bubba's homestate. But in Kansas, since we suffer from some sort of delusional impairment regarding proper pronunciation, the windy river is pronounced R-(the state of) Kansas. That's right. There's no "saw" on the end. It's more like a "sus" as in "versus". When travelling through the South Central region of the state, be sure not to pronounce it like that other state or you maybe chased out of town by a posse bent on revenge for your audacity.


Liz said...

what are the other 151 reasons? there is a blog topic for you!

wilco1014 said...

Yes, and certain folk would love to hear them.